Services provided by the Foundational Library of the BSU

  • Provision of full information on the composition of the Fund of the BSU FL through the system of catalogs, card files, databases and other forms of library information;
  • Provision of advice on the use of the reference and retrieval apparatus of the Foundational Library of the BSU (card and digital catalogs, card files, databases, reference and information publications);
  • Lending printed publications and other documents from the Fund of the FL of the BSU for temporary use in reading rooms, media libraries and loan department;
  • Drawing up bibliographic indexes and bibliographic lists of documents (at the request of the departments and subdivisions of the BSU financed from the budget) to support the educational process and scientific activity of the BSU;
  • Verbal provision of bibliographic and factographic information;
  • Provision of information on new documents and digital resources received by the FL of the BSU;
  • Provision of access to the Digital Library of the BSU and other digital information resources available in the FL of the BSU;
  • Provision of automated workplaces for working with standard office programs and on the Internet;
  • Information services for subscribers in the form of selective information dissemination;
  • Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) for users with their own laptops;
  • Depositing unpublished educational materials of the BSU.

Additional librarian and information services are provided on a paid basis to all categories of users of the Foundational Library of the BSU.