Erasmus+ is an LNSS project (Library Network Support Services: modernization of Armenian, Moldavian and Belarusian libraries through library cadres’ development and library reforming).

It is aimed at the partner countries’ libraries modernization and also at rise of the level of competencies and skills of library staff.


  «MOST» (Mobility Scheme for Targeted People-to-People-Contacts) is a mobility program for targeted interpersonal contacts. 

   It is aimed at expanding contacts between the citizens of the EU and Belarus in order to exchange best practices and improve mutual understanding.

  «Interregional analytical list of articles» (Russian «Межрегиональная аналитическая роспись статей» or «МАРС») is an international project for bibliographic information exchange.
 It’s aimed at creation of a corporate database of analytical list for journal articles from periodicals in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

   Scientists of Belarus is a national project to create a corporate factographic information resource, which provides information on people with academic degrees or titles, scientific workers and teachers of universities who are authors of scientific publications.

   It is aimed at increasing of Belarusian scientists’ ratings through citation in various information resources of the world.

   The Belarusian analytical list of articles (BelAR) is a national bibliographic information exchange project.

    It is aimed at creating a corporate database with analytical lists of journal articles from periodicals in Russia and Belarus.


   LibGuide is an international project dedicated to creation of a catalog of digital resources on international law and human rights.

   It is aimed at promoting research in the field of human rights.