Library Funds

The Fund of the Fundamental Library contains about 2 million volumes of domestic and foreign documents in many languages of the world in the leading branches of science and technology.


The BSU FL Fund has the following structure:

  • Main Fund - the fund of the Library Fund Management Department, which receives the first copy of each document, regardless of the source of receipt and the fund of rare and valuable publications;
  • Subsidiary Fund - the fund of the following fund holders of the BSU FL:
    • Department of Information Service of the Educational Process; Department of Information Services for Scientific Research;
    • Service Department of the Faculty of Law; Service Department of the Faculty of Chemistry;
    • Service Department of Faculties of Philology and Economics;
    • Service Department of the Faculties of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies, Biology and Social and Cultural Communications;
    • Service Department of the Faculty of International Relations; Service Department for Faculties of Journalism and Philosophy and Social Sciences;
    • Department of Humanitarian and Educational Work and Popularization of Unique Books;
    • Scientific and Methodical Department;
    • Information Resources Acquisition Department;
    • Department of Information Resources Cataloguing and Support of the Reference and Search Service;
    • Directorate;
    • Libraries of Offices and Departments of BSU;
  • Depositary Funds of United Nations and International Monetary Fund - part of the Fund that includes publications of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund;
  • Depository Fund of Signal Copies of Deposited Documents accepted for deposit at BSU;
  • Fund of Technical Regulatory Legal Acts;
  • Electronic Library of BSU;
  • Exchange and Reserve Fund.