Fund of Rare and Valuable Publications

The Fund of Rare and Valuable Publications, which is part of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus, is an integral part of the unified library fund of the Fundamental Library.

The Fund of Rare and Valuable Publications is formed in order to implement the memorial function of the BSU FL by accumulating, permanently storing and recording publications of exceptional value or outstanding historical, scientific and cultural significance.

All publications that are included in the Fund of Rare and Valuable Publications are subject to a special regime of storage and use.


Fund Holder: Department of Humanitarian and Educational Work and Popularization of Old Printed Books

Fund Volume: about 26,000 items of storage of printed publications: books, brochures, continuing editions, magazines, newspapers 

Coverage Period: from the XVI century to the present




Fund Content

The Fund of Rare and Valuable Publications is a collection of domestic and foreign documents published before 1945, as well as historical-book collections formed from publications of a later period in Russian and foreign languages and includes the following collections:

  • manuscripts;
  • old printed editions (editions of the domestic civil press before 1825 and foreign ones before 1800, editions of the Cyrillic press);
  • revolutionary democratic literature of the period of the First Russian revolution of 1905-1907;
  • books of the first years of Soviet State (1918-1921);
  • banned by censorship and illegal literature before 1917;
  • editions of the times of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945);
  • publications returned from the special store department;
  • the first and lifetime editions of the classics of Russian and foreign literature;
  • the first and lifetime editions of scientists and cultural figures;
  • publications with autographs of people famous in literature, science, public life;
  • publications with autographs of the authors as a gift to the BSU FL;
  • reproduced (reprinted and facsimile) publications;
  • samples of publications that were issued by well-known publishers;
  • the best examples of publishing products of the XIX-early XX century (original printing method, font, material, etc.);
  • publications with proprietary provenances of the XIX-beginning XX centuries;
  • miniature editions.




Where can I get acquainted with the publications of the fund: in the room of special collections (4, Nezalezhnosti Ave., office 229)

Who can get acquainted with the publications of the fund: any reader of the BSU Fundamental Library

In which catalogues the editions of the fund are reflected: in the Electronic Catalogue in the databases "Books", "Rare Books", "Articles from Magazines of the 19th century", full-text documents - in the Electronic Library of BSU.