Fund of the Science Room of the Department of Information Services for Scientific Research is universal in its content. It includes books, periodicals and ongoing scientific and popular science publications in Russian, Belarusian and foreign languages.

A significant part of the fund is Russian, Belarusian and foreign belletristic literature. The collection of science fiction literature received as a gift from the famous mathematician, professor of BSU Petr Petrovich Zabreiko deserves special attention.

The entire subsidiary fund has open access for readers and almost all publications (with the exception of periodicals and rare ones) are issued at home for temporary use for up to 1 month.


Fund Volume: about 61,000 items of printed publications.

Coverage period: 1890 to present


Where can I get acquainted with the publications of the fund:

  • Science Room (4 Nezavisimosti Ave., room 217)


Who can get acquainted with the publications of the fund: any reader of the BSU Fundamental Library 

In which catalogues the editions of the fund are reflected: in the Electronic Catalogue in the databases "Books", "Periodicals", full-text documents - in the Electronic Library of BSU.