The terms of use of the BSU Fundamental Library regulate the relationship between users and the library in the process of library and information services, the list of basic services and the terms of their provision.
The procedure for using the library’s funds, the rights and obligations of users, as well as the rights and obligations of the Fundamental Library can be found in the full version of the document "Terms of use of the BSU Fundamental Library".


Eligible for a free library and information services is given to the teaching staff, doctoral candidates, postgraduate, graduate and undergraduates students of all forms of education, cadets of the military faculty, the students of the Institute of Additional Education, the students of the Republican Institute of Chinese Studies named after Confucius, scientific and other staff of the University.

Library and information service of organizations (enterprises, institutions) included in the structure of the BSU complex is carried out in reading rooms, media libraries, loan departments in accordance with the order of the rector of BSU "On service of organizations (enterprises, institutions) of the BSU complex by BSU Fundamental Library".

Library and information services for third-party users are carried out on a fee basis in accordance with the Regulation on paid services of BSU FL.

Teaching staff from third-party organizations which works in BSU on a part-time basis are served free of charge only in the halls, media library, coworking of the BSU FL upon presentation of a certificate from the HR department. 

Enrollment in the library is carried out upon presentation of the following documents:

  • student ID card;
  • ID card of student of BSU Institute of Additional Education;
  • ID card of student of BSU Law College;
  • ID card of student of BSU Lyceum;
  • ID card of doctoral candidate, postgraduate (for doctoral candidates, postgraduates);
  • Staff ID card (for BSU staff);
  • ID card of students of the Republican Institute of Chinese Studies named after Confucius and third-party institutions;
  • agreement on the provision of paid library and information services and ID card (for institutions, enterprises, other establishments, the founder of which is BSU, and also for third-party institutions).

Scientific and popular science publications are issued for a period of one month in the following quantities:

  • teaching staff, doctoral candidates, postgraduates, graduate students, researchers – until 15 items;
  • students, who write diploma thesis – until 10 items;
  • other users – until 5 items.

Manuals and textbooks are issued to users for a semester or academic year in accordance with the curriculum.

Belletristic literature is issued to users for a period of one month in the amount of no more than 10 items.

In the service department of the philological and economic faculties, belletristic literature is issued to users for a period of 15 days.

Users can extend the period of use of books taken from a loan desk, if there is no demand for them from other users. If the user does not appear in the BSU FL to extend the period of use of the documents listed for him, the extension of the period of use is carried out by the librarian automatically on a paid basis when the user submits unsold documents.

Upon leaving the BSU, users are required to return to the library all documents listed for them, pay for use beyond the time limit, if the period exceeds the established one, obtain an exit clearance checklist with the BSU FL mark.