IMF Depository Fund

Since January 1, 2001, in accordance with an agreement between the BSU FL and the IMF, the BSU Fundamental Library began to form the depository fund of the International Monetary Fund.



The IMF Depository Fund consists of different types of publications:


  • by physical (material) type:
    printed publications (books and periodicals), electronic documents.
  • by the intended purpose:
    scientific, reference, official, informational publications.
  • by the language aspect:
    publications in English.
  • by thematic aspect:
    publications on the world economy, finance, economic statistics, macroeconomics, foreign economic relations, insurance, international trade, shadow economy, taxation, market economy, socio-economic development, country studies, etc.
  • by chronology:
    publications from 2001 to the present.


The size of the collection: about 1,000 publications, including books and electronic publications.

Fund Holder: Service Department of the Faculty of International Relations (20 Leningradskaya Str., off. 602, 603).

The publications of the fund are contained in: Electronic catalog of BSU FL.

Where can I get acquainted with the publications of the fund: in the information resource room and in the foreign information resources room of the Service Department (20 Leningradskaya Str., off. 602, 603).

Who can get acquainted with the publications of the fund: the fund is available to users not only of the BSU, but of the entire republic.