The Fundamental library of the Belarusian State University (FL BSU) has been the Coordination and Methodical Center (CMC) for libraries of institutions of higher education of the Republic of Belarus for many decades.


    The function of providing methodological and advisory assistance to the university libraries of the republic was assigned to the FL BSU in the early 1960s. The FL BSU initiated the creation of the Republican Scientific and Methodical Library Commission (RNMBK) under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the BSSR. The commission was established by the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the BSSR No. 53 of November 5, 1973. and acted for 16 years, performing the function of coordination and methodological support of libraries of educational institutions of all levels in the republic. 

    In 1974 the Library of BSU became a supporting library for the libraries of the Minsk region, a scientific and methodical department was created. In 1975, the function of the Republican Methodical Center (RMC) for coordinating the activity of the libraries of higher educational institutions and colleges was formally assigned to the FL BSU, and work began: the documents defining the tasks and functions of the libraries of universities and colleges of the republic are being developed and approved; a system for reporting libraries of higher education institutions and colleges to the Republican Methodical Center; a fund of methodical literature on library science, bibliography and related fields is being created; a system of advanced training for the staff of the FL BSU and libraries of universities and colleges is being organized through republican and city scientific and practical conferences, seminars, business trips with the purpose of sharing work experience, production training, etc .; complex inspections of the work of libraries of higher educational institutions on separate areas of their activity are organized.